what is google meet and how to use it?


For video calling and video conferencing, we have an application requirement. Today we will tell you about an application, which is called Google Meet. You will understand that what is G Meet, and how to use it. G meet is an application through which video calling can be done with each other or you can make a conferencing call. This application is a free application.

For using of this application first you must have account in google. If you have not account in google then you have first create account in google. Through gmail id and password of google you can abe to access g meet application.

Nowadays a lot of increase demand for video conferencing platform. So I am going to tell you about free application related video conferencing, which will help you a lot.

What is Google meet?

G meet is a web application and mobile application use for video conferencing, video calling and online meeting. Nowadays we are using for online class and online meeting. This is a free application. This is a real time application. If you have a Google account then you can create a meeting on this application. It will be placed on Google chat and hangout application.

You can use this application nonstop 60 minutes regularly.

How to download Google meet on your PC

 so let’s let’s start downloading Google meet by step by step

 there is two different type of downloading first Memu emulator and second BlueStacks

 for BlueStacks emulator

 step 1 download and install BlueStacks emulator 

second step after downloading open BlueStacks on your PC E and login in your Google Play account using your email id and password

third step no search G meet application all the search bar of BlueStacks emulator window

4 step and click G meet for installing process first Google made download other than install on your computer or PC

second process for downloading Google mail using memu  emulator

 Memu emulator same as the BlueStacks editor but their Windows is different

1 download the neverwinter on your PC.

2 second open the  application of Memu emulator on your desktop

3  search the  G meet application application is known as APK this is the short form of application

4 click on G meet APK the downloading of file will be start of G meet.

5  after the downloading process the G meet application download on your PC.

Download G meet application on mobile

 1 first you open the Google Play Store on your mobile

 2 to type the Google meet word on search bar or or you can speak Google meet by pressing volume icon.

3 click on install button

4 now Google meet application on your mobile will be install

 after installing process there is two option is show on Google meet application  new meeting and meeting code through this you can join the meeting and you can create  new meeting.

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