How many types of computer?

 You will be aware of the types of computer. Computers are used in school college office. The size, work and capacity of computers are different for different work. Nowadays electronic device is easily available with everyone and everyone uses it well.

Some computers are small, some computers are big in size, some are small in size, some are fast in speed, some computers are used in the medical department, it is also used in defense systems, and it is also used for weather information. This is done, so let’s see how many types of computers are there.

What is Computer?

 A computer is an electronic device in which any data is inputted by an input device and through an output device we see the output. This is the process of computers which is how the computers is.

Parts of computers:

 A computer has different parts.

1. CPU Central Processing Unit

2. Memory Storage Devices

3. Input Device

4. Output Device

Central processing unit is the main component of computers. When we input a leader, the process of processing is done by the central processing unit in which the processor is engaged. The process of the processor is that it executes the instructions and the program. The process of providing instructions is with the processor.

Memory storage devices When we input a data, we save it to a storage device. Memory storage devices are of two types, first, primary memory and second secondary memory, work any data in primary memory and the data in secondary memory is permanent.

There are different types of storage devices in memory such as hard disk drive optical disk storage device floppy disk drive Flash disk drive which we also call pen drive.

An input device is a hardware component through which we can input any data and through an input device we can give instructions such as keyboard and mouse are still more input devices through which to input data and also instructions can give.

Output device the output device is a hardware part through which we can see the output such as a monitor printer. This is an example of all output devices.

 Types of computers: A computers is divided into different parts based on size, purpose and mechanism.types of computer memory

Types of computers based on mechanisms.

 There are three types of computers based on mechanisms.

Analog Computers

• Digital computers

• Hybrid Computers

Analog computers

Analog computers are used in measurement such as measuring temperature simple calculations. It does not require a storage device as the analog computers works on single operations. It lasts from one second half day to analog in chemistry lab. Computers use analog computers in the chemical industry like cars have a Speedometer in it, by which we know the speed of the car. This speedometer works as analog computers.

Digital computers

 Digital means reading any data in digit form, calculating, digital operation in 0 and 1. 0 and 1 is a binary number which is also called machine language. It is read by digital computers. When we input any data inside the computers, the processor reads it in the form of 0 and 1. This is the work of digital computers.

It is generated by electric signal. Zero means off and one means on. Digital computers perform economical operations such as addition subtraction multiplication division mode, etc., compared to digital computers. Text and picture can be presented in digital computers; this work is not done in analog computers.

Hybrid Computers

 It is a combination of digital computers and analog computers. Hybrid computers are made by combining the best features of digital computers and analog computers. In which analog computers uses speed and digital computers accuracy and memory which we call hybrid computers.

Hybrid computers are used in hospitals. Hospital intensive care unit i.e. IC blood pressure in hospital use analog computers to measure temperature. Digital computers are used to display blood pressure and temperature.

Hybrid computers are also used in petrol pump stations through which flow is majorized and it is also displayed.

 Hybrid computers are also used in defense systems such as using hybrid computers to control radars. Hybrids require speed and electric signals to control the computers. The work is done with the help of hybrid computers.

Types of computers by purpose

 Depending on the purpose, there are two types of computers, first general purpose computers and second special purpose computers.

 General Purpose Computers

General Purpose Computers is used by almost all people in the world, it is the most used. It is used in networking related to database-related word processing inventory management system scientific calculus. These computers provide a very high program score and all the programs are stored in the internal storage system.

 Special Purpose Computers

Special purpose computers are designed for a particular purpose. It is also called dedicated computers. These computers perform single task. It is used in traffic light control system. Navigation System Weather Forecasting System, Satellite Launch or Tracking System, Oil Exploration System, Automotive Industry Digital Watch Robot. Such digital devices are called Special Purpose Computers.

Its dish advantage is that it does not have versatility because it cannot be used to perform any other task.

 Types of computers by size

 There are six types of computers based on this

1. Supercomputers

2. Mainframe Computers

3. Mini Computers

4. Microcomputers

5. Laptop Computers

6. Palmtop computers


This is a multi-user computers with a multiprocessor installed in it. It has a lot of storage capacity and working capital. It solves the most difficult problem. Performs any task in nanoseconds. The Reduced Instruction Set computers have a processor named RISC. It is very expensive, it first lions it, its processing speed is very high. It has the ability to perform 10 trillion calculations in a second.

Supercomputer Applications Used

• Digital Film Rendering Application

Application is used to study DNA structure and engineering.

• It is used in protein folding NSS

• Seismograph is used for nuclear research and in-depth study of plasma.

• Use it to broadcast Weather and Global Climate

•It is used in military research and defense systems.

• It is used for decoding any sensitive information

Supercomputers in India are the ultimate series developed by C-DAC (Center for Development of Advanced Computers).

The world’s first supercomputers are CRAY-1, developed in 1976 by Mr. SEYMOUR CRAY.types of computer network

Mainframe computers

A mainframe computers means big iron. It performs multiple works simultaneously. It is used for bulk data processing at a time. It is used in large data centers. More than 100 users can use mainframe computers at a time. There is time sharing. Its word length is 48 beats to 64 bits. The first mainframe computers were built by IBM in 1964. IBM S / 390, IBM S / 709, CDC 6600, ICL 39 It is a major product of mainframe computers.types of computer hardware

Mini computers

These computers are much less powerful than the mainframe. These are multi-user computers. Mini Computers Scientific Research controls data analysis industry processing. It is used in big businesses and universities. Minicomputers PDP 11, BAX is an example of this.

It is a personal computers; it is designed for the normal user. It is equipped with a microprocessor. Is designed for the normal person. In 1976, Apple One developed the first query computers. In 1981 IBM 5150 PC was launched.

Micro Computers

This is a very popular computer. These computers are used by the students and employees of the company. It has a small size. In this, the cost of maintenance is very less. Due to microcomputers today people in the world very easily exchange data from one place to another.types of computer software

Personal computers include laptop computers and PALMTOP computers. It is very portable. It can be carried anywhere

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