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As your qualification is 10th pass, let us tell you that apart from programming in Python, you have to clear the concept of the database. How to create a database, how to create a table, to insert data in a table, to delete data from a table, if we want to update the data in a table, how will we do it? How to create a relationship between two or more tables in a database? It all comes into your database, first the database will have to be complete, and after that the connection string between Python from the database will have to be learned so that if you create the application in Python, the data will be inserted in the database through the application, update and delete.

If  you do complete data base management work with the Python program, with this you will have to learn how to design in Python, use tkinter to design, you read very well about it now depends on That if you talk about India at this location, then python has good demand in the city and foreign country also.

If you have 10+2 and UG with professional courses then you can work on good post in the company. My advice would be that you continue practice in Python. If you have a good grasp in Python then you should not focus on any other language. Let’s just go with Python because the demand of Python is very much in today’s date.

Through this you can earn very well and your future can be bright because in today’s date, Python ranks second and you must have seen the YouTube Google Instagram web application, it has all been developed through Python.

We are preparing a list for you, which you should complete very well.

1. Python Programming Language Core and Advanced

2. Database Management System

3. Tkinter

Both basic and advanced parts have to be completed in Python programming language

 How to create a database in a database management system, how to create a table in a database, how to insert data into a table. how to delete data from a table, how to update the data in a table Completing all the operations in the database Will happen.

And when we talk about tkinter, in tkinter let us tell you that whenever you create a web-application or a desktop application. how to design it, it will all be completed by your tkinter. In tkinter you will have to learn basic HTML JavaScript.

 After completing all three, you will become a good developer. We wish you a bright future. If you do not have any kind of question, then you can ask by writing in the comment section. Thank you very much

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