Python is a programming language, its second place in the world. Through this, we can make very good web applications and desktop applications.

It is very easy to code in it, in many other languages ​​like c language it writes multiple lines code to write programs but it can write code in a single line and run it.

Interpreter plays a very good role in Python. Interpreter acts as a translator. When we do Python Interpreter thing, then we come across python2 and python3, but we consider python3 as the best.

The python3 library file of python 2 has been merged. Python 3 is a new application.

The standard library module has been improved in Python 3 and is considered good for security purposes. In Python the interpreter’s job is to convert Python code to byte code. Python’s extension is .py.

If you want to ask any question related to Python, you can comment and ask us, we will help you to understand and explain your questions. thank you.

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