Computer virus

A computer virus is a small program that can corrupt data and applications inside a computer. Your computer’s data can be stolen by computer viruses. A computer virus program also makes a programmer. The main objective of a computer virus programmer is to steal the information of another computer and make money or make its information public.

A computer virus program is installed in your computer. After that the computer application damages the program and the file, which the normal user cannot correct. To remove a computer virus program, a computer antivirus program has to be installed. The computer antivirus program recovers virus-infected files in the computer and removes the virus program from the computer.

History of computer viruses

Robert Thomas developed the first computer virus in 1971. Robert Thomas worked at DBN Technology.

The first computer was created in the name of Virus Creeper. To protect the mainframe of you coming, the Creeper Virus was created. When this virus infected the program in the computer, I’m on the display screen: Creeper: Catch Me If You Can. Began to appear

Elk Cloner was the first virus to be first tracked. This virus infected Apple’s second operating system, before computers used floppy disks instead of hard disks. Elk Cloner Virus was made in-fact through floppy disks, Elk Cloner Virus was invented by Richard Skrenta.

The first person to name a computer virus was Fred Cohen, who named the program a computer virus in 1983 by academic paper.

Computer viruses can do inside the computer

You have already been told that a computer virus is a program that is first installed inside the computer. The computer virus currupts the data. If you want to open the currupted data, you cannot open it to correct the currupted data. Antivirus is used.

Computer viruses delete data. There is a hard disk drive inside the computer in which data is stored. Computer virus can delete data from storage device.

If you are sending email through the Internet and your computer has a virus, then the virus you get is attached. And the other computer becomes sand. When the receiver opens your email, the virus is installed on its computer along with it. And with it, it can corrupt the application and data of its computer, if there is antivirus installed on the receiver’s computer then there will be no infection of the computer virus.

There are seven types of computer virus programs.

  • Boot sector virus program
  • Direct action virus program
  • Resident virus program
  • Multupartite virus program
  • Polymorphic virus program
  • Overwrites virus program
  • Spacefiller virus program

Boot sector virus

This types of virus affects the master boot sector, which makes it very difficult to detect the computer system to format the boot sector virus.

Direct Action Virus

Direct action virus is also called non-resident virus. Direct action virus gets stuck after being installed in the computer and attaches to a file and then infects that file.

Resident virus

Resident virus does not detect after the computer is installed, no virus is installed or not, when it infects the file, it is detected that the computer has a virus

multipatite virus

The multi-party virus works by infecting executable files and boot sectors inside the computer.

Polymorphic Virus

This virus changes its signature frequently inside the computer. And the virus replicates inside the computer.

Overwrite virus

After installing in the computer, deletes files, causing data loss.

spacefiller virus

The spacefiller virus program is called cavity wire. This virus is stored in memory space, it does not damage any file.

worm virus

This is a computer malware program. this is a types of computer virus. This program takes the support of the network to be installed in another computer. This program creates a role for itself to spread to other computers.

Trojan horse virus

This is very dangerous virus program. This virus gets installed in your computer through internet. When you open a web page. So a popup of ad appears on the web page. If you click on it, then the Trojan horse virus program is installed in your computer. This program creates a role for itself to spread to other computers.

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