What is a keyboard and what are the types of keyboards

 What is a keyboard: A keyboard is an input device, through a keyboard, we input data. The keyboard is used for typing; we use it for data entry.

We mainly use two input devices for inputting data. First keyboard and second mouse are used to input text command numerical data and other types of data in computer. When we come to input data then CPU i.e. central processing unit converts the data into machine language, the computer converts that data into machine language and works to understand the user’s data.

How to connect keyboard with computer

 The PS2 keyboard and types in the computer, called the serial connector, is used for the USD universal serial bus and the wireless connector. The wireless connector is considered a portable keyboard. Its disengagement is that it has to replace the battery after some time.


How many types of keyboards:

 Depending on the region and language, the keyboard and types is manufactured in different layouts. We will tell you about its types.

QWERTY: Used a lot in the world. The keyboard has the name Six Letter Vaidya written on the home shop. It is a specialty in all countries, we use it easily. The keyboard is designed for the Latin script alphabet.

AZERTY: It is developed in French, also called Standard Change Keyboard, it is designed according to the QWERTY layout.

DVORAK: It increases the typing speed, it reduces finger movement, it is very comfortable with variety, it makes data type very fast.

 Information about keyboard buttons:

There are many letter command symbol number apples in it. It is designed differently for each department. In computers, its layout is different. In laptops, its layout is different. We also call it alphanumeric keyboard.

What does alphanumeric case alphanumeric mean: a letter or number but does not contain symbols and is not a command alphanumeric has a number in the top that ranges from 1 to 0. And below is the alphabet. Alphabet also has a number. It is mainly found in smart phones. If the character is pressed for a long time, its numeric value becomes inter. Alpha means zero A to Z and numeric means Combination KEY up to 1234567890.

Punctuation KEY: Punctuation key means colon semi colon double quotes, /. , {} [] Etc. is used mainly for mathematic calculus or to program CODE in a programming language.

Navigation KEY: Navigation key means to page up, down right and left. It is on the right corner in the layout. This document is used to up and down right. It mainly consists of 4 arrows, in down right and left technical language, it is used to scroll this page.

Command KEY and Special KEY:

 The command key is called by which we give the command and its function is immediately execute. Like delete, enter, insert, print screen, etc. Perform special key extra work. Such as increasing the brightness of the display screen, up and down the volume, keeping the system in standby, etc. It comes under all special keys of Alt key control of Shift of Caps Lock.

Key/symbolExplanation of keys
Windows   The window of the window is present with people in the layout.
Command  There are many commands inside an Apple Mac computer through which we operate the computer quickly.
Menu  Inside the computer, I use the new one that is done through the combination.
Esc  This is done to exit a dialog box.
F1 – F12   There is a function inside the computer from 1 to 12, through which different functions are performed.
F13 – F24  F13 to F24 function is also present in the layout, it has different functions.
TabThe tab is used by key combinations like ALT + TAB to move to another window.
Caps lockCaps lock key. Capital key is enabled with this KEY.
ShiftShift key. It is like a valence like shift + a to write small a in capital.
CtrlControl key. It is also a joiner like press CTRL + a to select all the data in the document.
FnFunction key. Function KEY means performing a function.
Alt   In general, it is called an alternative key, there is an option in a Mac computer.
SpacebarSpacebar key. It provides space between two character worlds a sentence.
ArrowsUp, down, left, right arrow keys. It is used for navigation.
Back SpaceBack space (or Backspace) key. Let’s delete the character from the back space and the back express is used to go to the previous option.
DeleteDelete or Del key. To delete any data or to delete files and folders, use the DELETE KEY.
EnterEnter key. Use the inter key to go to the next step.
Prt ScrnPrint Screen key. Use the print screen to create a copy image of any image on the screen.
Scroll LockScroll Lock key. Used to scroll the page
PausePause key. Use the pause key to perform PAUSE operations
BreakBreak key. Use brake key to brake operations
InsertInsert key. 2 uses insert key for text entry mood, it is also used in word processor.
HomeHome key. From home key our head starts to BLINK
Page up Use page up to scroll up the page
Page down PAGE is used down to score SCROLL
EndThe pointer from the end key points to the last in any ROW
Num Lock Number can be locked by NUM LOCK
~Tilde. It is used in programming
` It is used to generate back quotes, single quotes, or other quotes.
!! Use it to generate
@Amperscent or at the rate symbol use it. It is used in email address
#  # symbol is used for comment and also for preprocessor in programming language
£ It’s a pound symbol
 It is a euro symbol
$ It’s a dollar symbol
¢ It’s a Saint symbol
¥ This is a Chinese / Japanese symbol.
§It is micro and section symbol
% This is the percent symbol
° This is a degree symbol
^ This is a circumflex symbol.
&It is an Ampersand, epershand, or and symbol.
* This symbol is mathematical multiplication symbol, and sometimes referred to as star use.
( This is called Open or left parenthesis.
) This is called Close or right parenthesis.
 This is called Hyphen, minus, or dash.
_ This is the Underscore symbol.
+ This is a plus symbol.
= This is the Equal symbol.
{It is used for Open brace, squiggly brackets, or curly bracket.
} It is used for close brace, squiggly brackets, or curly bracket.
[ This is the Open bracket symbol.
]  This is the closed bracket symbol.
| This is a Pipe, or, or vertical bar symbol.
\ This is the Backslash or reverse solidus symbol.
/ It is used for the forward slash, solidus, virgule, whack, and mathematical division symbol.
: This is the Colon symbol.
;This is the Semicolon symbol.
 It is used for Quote, quotation mark, or inverted commas.
 This is Apostrophe or single quote symbol.
 It is used for less than or angle brackets.
 It is used for greater than or angle brackets.
, This is the comma symbol.
. This is the period, dot or full stop symbol.
? This is the question mark symbol.

There are about 40 symbols in the keyboard which are not numbers and letters like @, #, $ etc.

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