We already know that C language is a programming language but one question is important that what is program?

Program is a set of instructions that perform step by step process for final output.

We take one example to understand the program.

Take two numbers and find sum of two numbers.

Step 1. Let a=4, b=5, c=0

(There a, b and c is a variable that assign the integer value using assigning operator (=). we will discuss in next post about operators and data types.)

Step 2. c=a+b

Step 3. Print c

(Now the result is ready to print 9)

These three steps are make a program that produce final output

Normally we seen this step by step but in c language these all steps will do in C programming language.

When we input any type of data computer read in binary form (0,1).

This binary form generate by translator (type of translator (assembler, compiler and interpreter)) compiler use in C programming language because of basic language is known is low level language.

Step of C program coding to execution


First we write program then compile the program and then run program for output.

For compilation we use the shortcut key alt+f9.

For run we use the shortcut key ctrl+f9.

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